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Madimi/Rosalind Line Drawings

Drawings of Madimi/Rosalind from my book 'The Shadow Glass'. I'll update and add to this as I do more.

Aly fell caress

Fun with flat colour, sort of, and a bit of texture.

Aly fell crouch1

Magic Circle.

Aly fell stonesflat

Stones: I gave away a few prints of this one whilst at the Angouleme Comics Festival with copies of the French edition of The Shadow Glass - 'Miroir aux Ombres'.

Aly fell 1610s madimi

1610 Outfit. Just a slight change as an experiment. I love paned and slashed clothing - can you tell?

Aly fell sitting650

A drawing I did last year, then came back to and tweaked a bit - mainly adding black to the BG.